Ha Noi Street Food: Old Menu, New Charm

Last time, we already recommended a special local menu for you to try while you are in Ha Noi city. Today we had a chance to eat some other street foods together with our old guests - German family visits Vietnam again this year, and that brings us back so many memories so let’s find out what is recommended on the menu this week!

Starter: Bánh gối
Banh goi (pillow-shaped cake) is a perfect dish for cold days in Hanoi. It has the shape of a tiny pillow (hence the name) but this particular “pillow” is made of minced pork, wood-ear mushrooms, glass noodles, steamed quail eggs and seasonings. Everything is wrapped in a thin layer of rice-flour dough and shaped nicely, then deep-fried.

Banh goi | Pillow Shaped Cake

Banh goi should be eaten when it’s still hot with sweet-sour dipping sauce (a mixture of Vietnamese fish sauce and garlic, chilies, sugar, and lime juice), so that you can feel the excellent balance between the ingredients and the sauce. If you find it too greasy to eat, pairing your Banh goi with lettuce and other kinds of fresh herbs is also a good way to enjoy this dish.
Banh goi can be bought from street vendors and it is perfect for a light snack to eat on the run!

Main course: Bún ốc
If you want to try something really different from what you have experienced before in Asia, we highly recommend Bun oc to you as it’s made with many special ingredients. In a bowl of Bun oc there are thin round rice noodles, deep-fried tofu (cut into cubes), green onions and, most importantly, slow-moving sea snails (means Oc in Vietnamese). The tomato-based broth, which is savoury, spicy and a bit sour, will lighten the dish in a unique way.

Bun Oc

Bun oc is always served with a plate of various fresh herbs and vegetables to enhance the flavour and make it healthier. You can have Bun oc at any time of the day – for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner like the local Vietnamese.

Dessert: Cà phê trứng
After those two delicious dishes, a cup of Ca phe trung (Egg Coffee) is definitely called for. The Vietnamese love coffee very much and we have many versions of coffee here, but this one is truly a specialty must-try in Hanoi. It has a delicate texture and a bright yellow color coming from raw egg yolk whipped with drip coffee and condensed milk. Ca phe trung will mesmerize you with its tasty, creamy flavour in combination with the bitterness of pure coffee. Somehow you may find it tastes like crème caramel, so it’s almost similar to a dessert fix together with caffeine.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

There’s nothing better than having Ca phe trung while seeing people passing by on the city’s crowded and colourful streets. You are enjoying life just like the Hanoians do.

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Love cooking? Don't worry. You can find out more Vietnamese recipe from Viet World Kitchen, by Andrea Nguyen. We loved her talent and hardworking to bring out Vietnamese cuisine more popular to the world. 


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