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Phu Quoc’s Best Secret Beaches

For many years, Phu Quoc has been Vietnam’s best kept serect – not anymore! Here a short list of the island’s best beaches as well as the sceneries it contains

1. Bai Khem Beach
Situated in the southern part of Vietnam’s largest island, the beach is just about two kilometers from An Thoi Town and 25 kilometers from Duong Dong, the island’s major town.
The beach has its name for its long stretch powdery white sand and crystal clear water. Hidden behind a green forest, the beach with white sand and crystal clear water offers an ideal hideaway for those who want to stay away from noisy and crowded destinations.

Bai Khem beach Phu Quoc island

In 2014 Kem Beach has its military-only ban lifted and transformed into a potential tourist destination. The beach can be a little bit crowded before 11:00 am because of seafood trading and being a fishing boat harbor, if you are interested in seeing the early morning liveliness of a seafood market, you can use this opportunity to explore. But as it is expected to be more popular as a company has invested in a large resort project, the seafood market and trading culture may disappear in upcoming years so you should come here and see the beach in its natural state soon.
The road connecting the beach to Duong Dong Town is also being upgraded. The route to Kem beach is the same route to Sao Beach (Star Beach) and it involves going south on the National Highway 46. It can get a bit tricky to get to Kem beach since there is no sign of its entrance but you should be fine if you’re keeping your eyes out for it.
You can take taxi from the airport straight to the beach, which will probably costs you around 300.000VND or from Duong Dong Town for 500.000VND to 550.000VND (one way)

2. Bai Sao beach
Sao Beach ( Star Beach) is in the South near An Thoi harbor and 30 km from Duong Dong town. This beach is a very beach with its picture-perfect sceneries. It’s one of Phú Quốc’s gems with tourist and local alike but just like other beaches, the development of the beach should be rammed up in the upcoming years.
Sao beach is famous for its squeaky white, powdery and light sand in the northern part of the area and becomes coarse and yellow-ish further south. The actual water of the beach is relatively calm with blue turquoise blue color. There is no sudden slop going into the water but rather gentle slopes. Also, the water is quite shallow which is safer and friendlier for kids.

 Bai Sao beach Phu Quoc island

Tourists usually like to visit Sao beach in the dry season but its best time is somewhere between June and October, during the raining season. Along the beach is quiet and you can rent sun beds with umbrellas for the day or doing water sports like water skiing or jet’s ski.
To get to Sao beach is the same way to Kem Beach which is of the National Highway 46 and continue to go for around 25 minutes. After crossing a bridge on your way, you should be arrive at Bai Sao village, 3 minutes after you are in the village going on the same road, you should see a entrance sign of the beach. You can take taxi from the airport straight to the beach, which will probably costs you around 300.000VND or from Duong Dong Town for 400.000VND (one way)

3. Bai Dài Beach
Situated along the north-western coast line of Phú Quốc’s island, sitting between Vũng Bầu Beach and Gánh Dầu village, facing the Gulf of Thailand, Dài Beach is curled around by white and yellow sand and wild rocky mount and local fishermen inhabitation. This is also a beach with a lot of 5 stars resorts, casino and goft course so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxation destination. That being said, there are still beautiful remote sections of the beach you can explore and have them all to yourself.

Bai Dai beach Phu Quoc island

You can also see Turtle Island (Hòn Đổi Mồi Island), which is a great place for diving or snorkeling, from Dài Beach. The water is usually calm, almost no currents with various shades of green, its slope into the ocean is also low making it accessible to kids and beginner swimmers alike.
From Dài Beach, you can see the sunset which is spectacular, or you can walk around Bãi Dài walking Street, visit Vinpearl Phú Quốc or Vinpearl Safari, Phú Quốc Casino. Also, there are some local restaurants near Gánh Dầu Village and along the beach near Grand World Hotel or Vinpearl Resort.
There are two way for you to get to Dài Beach from Duong Dong town, depending on adventurous you are, both routes involve crossing Duong Dong river and reaching Cua Can road, from which further north will lead you to Ganh Dau Village. Cua Can road is a well paved road completely decorated with street lights. Also from Cua Can road, you can reach to: Cua Can Village, Cua Can Beach, Ong Lang Beach, Vung Bau Beach, and finally Dai Beach.

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