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Top 3 Saigon Best Street Food

We LOVE street food and we know you guys do too. Eating street food is a not only a great way to eat well, it also gives you the opportunity to chat to locals and find out more about the dishes, the story and traditions behind them. Of course, without knowing Vietnamese language maybe a little bit difficult to order or chatting with the local, but don't worry you can show them the Vietnamese name and here we go.

1. Nem Nướng (Vietnamese grilled pork sausage skewers)

Nem Nuong - Vietnamese grilled pork sausage skewers 

Nem nuong, or nem, which just means sausage, for short, is a staple on most Vietnamese menus. A mix together the baking powder, a bit of fish sauce, garlic, rice powder and t the ground pork and mix it well then grill it.
Nem Nuong is served in a variety of ways. You can wrapped in rice paper with lettuce and fresh herbs and a side of dipping sauce or put it in a bowl of rice noodles with fresh herbs and a spicy and sweet fish sauce dressing. Never miss the famous street food in Vietnam, a very sumptuous comfort food that tourists love.

2. Not only Pho. Bún Bò Huế Is The Vietnamese Soup You Need To Know About

Bun Bo Hue - Hue Beef Soup Nooddle

Bún Bò Huế, a soup that starts with pork and beef bones, gets a kick from lemongrass; annatto and shrimp paste, and finishes the job with a tangle of herbs, a squeeze of lime and a few delicious add-ons like sliced brisket, crab balls.
Bún Bò Huế is spicy, sour, salty, and sweet all at once. And we was so lucky to had chance to eat a best Bun Bo Hue soup from one of our colleagues’ family. Her family from Huế city, the central of Vietnam; where Bún bò Huế is originated. Any good cook will tell you that soups are a labor of love. Generally, they take time and a little bit of effort, but like anything that is worth waiting for.

3. Gỏi Cuốn (Fresh Spring Roll)

Goi Cuon-Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll

This traditional Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll (gỏi cuốn) is a fresh and healthy snack, full of fresh herbs such as perilla, sorrel, mint and Chinese chives etc., lean meat, and shrimp. This dish is best eaten in late afternoon while we are in the office and think of some snack. They are served with a side of peanut dipping sauce or alternatively, Vietnamese fish sauce dipping sauce. This dish is super simple to make at home.
There is a lady near to our office who we think she is a master of this dish; needless to say, her peanut sauce is the best sauce we had ate in Saigon.
Have you ever tried Goi Cuon in Vietnam yet?

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