Saigon City Guide

What to do in Saigon from the Tan Son Nhat Airport?

Imagine you are standing in Tan Son Nhat airport and having no idea of where to go or what to do next. Let’s not waste your time walking around aimlessly anymore, we have some useful suggestions for you to create an enjoyable tour around the beautiful Sai Gon.

1. On foot
This is a good way to kill time, especially if you are waiting for the flight transfer and have less than a few hours. Here are some places around the airport that we recommend you should drop by during your waiting time:

(1) C.T Plaza (No. 60A bis Trường Sơn street – opposite to the airport). It is a fully facilitated building with stores, coffee shops, cinema, apartments and offices for lease. Especially on 11th floor, there is a coffee lounge where you will have a spectacular view of the runway and see how the airplane take off and land. It’s more special when you come there at night, enjoy a drink, and experience “an organized chaotic traffic” of the Saigon city.

(2) “Viet Nam restaurant” located on Trường Sơn street is the place you can try some of tipycal Vietnamese dishes, such as cơm tấm (broken rice with grilled pork), bánh xèo (crunchy pancake with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts) and other popular local foods.

(3) “Trung Nguyen coffee” (No. 6 Trường Sơn street) is the number one coffee chain in Viet Nam with always clean, nice shops and good service. When you come there, try a tasty well-known cà phê sữa đá (coffee mixed with condensed milk and ice) to energize yourself for next activities.

(4) Phở Ông Hùng restaurant (No. 18 bis Trường Sơn street) in which you will envy a bowl of Phở (noodle soup) the most famous Vietnamese dish. There you can try many kinds of Phở with beef and chicken, etc.

(5) Sai Gon Superbowl (2 bis Trường Sơn street), it’s another mall which is located close to the airport. Inside they have plenty of eateries, shopping outlets and a bowling center to spend your spare time.

(6) Thai House restaurant (21 bis Hau Giang street), just 20 minutes walking from the airport and you can try Thai’s cuisine in Viet Nam. This restaurant has good reviews for the service and delicious food with reasonable price.

Tan Son Nhat airport (SGN)

2. By bus
If you don’t feel like walking, check out the 109 bus route out! It is the first “5 star luxury” bus in Sai Gon and was established to enhance the quality of public transport, especially to serve the tourists better. For more information about this bus, please read more full article here.

Taking the bus is a good choice since you will have enthusiastic experience with a very reasonable price. However, the bus maybe late because the traffic in Sai Gon is always busy, particularly in rush hour (7am-9am and 4:30pm-6:30pm), so you should notice to manage your time.

3. By taxi
Of course with taxi you can control the time, the itinerary and it is more convenient than bus at some points but we highly recommend that you should first prepare a list of places you want to visit. And if you can, look them up in a map or go online to see the best way to go there. The reason for this is you can avoid paying too much since somes taxi drivers may drive you around and charge for a lot of money. More importantly, you should also beware of taxi scam because there are many fake cabs trying to approach you. They have fake meters so you may have to pay double or triple the price comparing to ordinary taxis. To distinguish between fake and real taxi, you can read this article for more information 

4. By mortobike or private car
All of the options above may seem familiar to you but if you’re looking for something unique and more interesting, for instant, a custom tour provided by a professional company will be the excellent choice. Our team is pleased to bring you the exciting feeling of first time being on Sai Gon streets, acknowdleging the city’s information, history as well as this diversified culture. Furthermore, a lot of hands-on experiences are offered so you can observe how life is going on in this sleepless city. You will see the way people live, talk, eat and trade in the small corners or markets that only the locals know. In addition, our lovely, informative guides are willing to answer and explain every question from you in a clear and easy way to understand.

Last but not least, timing is not the problem anymore because we have flexible itinerary to suite you fine. All you need to do is contact us and tell us about your interests, we are always happy to listen and serve you a private tour anytime you want.

By Tiger team