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5 tips for beating jet flag in Saigon

Many foreigners (especially from western countries) find it very difficult to sleep in the early morning in Saigon due to different time zone. Normally they only have a few choices in this case, such as counting sheep to try to fall asleep again, watching TV or wandering around without knowing what to do. We are here to help, let’s check out the list below for must-do activities in Ho Chi Minh City to deal with jet lag

1. Enjoy the sunrise:

Saigon beautiful sunrise

Ho Chi Minh is a big and developed city with a lot of high buildings; however, they can’t prevent you from enjoying the beautiful sunrise as much romantic as it always is. Imaging how great it is when you stand in the cool weather of early morning, refresh your mind with a deep breath of fresh air and wait for the stunning sun to come. That’s awesome and definitely a good way to start your day. Some ideal places to watch the sunrise in Saigon are Phu My bridge, Thu Thiem Bridge, Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, etc.

2. Have delicious early breakfast:
In Ho Chi Minh City breakfast food stalls or restaurants usually open very early (some even open from 4-4:30 A.M) in order to serve people going to work early. There is a wide selection of breakfast dishes for you to choose, but mostly are noodle, baguette or sticky rice. So which one is the best?

Hu tiu nam vang

(Hu tiu nam vang)

Well, it depends a lot on your time. For the local, if we’re in hurry, then just grab a Banh mi (baguette with various kinds of fillings and fresh herbs inside) or a small box of Xoi (sticky rice with toppings) on the way to work. If we have more time, we will stop by our favorite local food stall and enjoy a bowl of noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue, Pho, Mi Quang, Hu tiu and so many more) or Com tam (broken rice with grilled pork and fried eggs). The interesting thing here is we have so many “favorite” food stalls and therefore thinking of what to have for breakfast is a real challenge in the morning.

3. Light up your day with a glass of tasty Ca phe sua da:
Does the Vietnamese love coffee? Yes, we really do. With the fact that we’re among top coffee-exported countries, drinking coffee has become a culture here. In the morning, a glass of Ca phe sua da (Coffee mixed with condensed milk and ice) or Ca phe da (without milk if you don’t like too sweet) is a perfect combination with your breakfast and you’re so ready to make the most of your day.

Vietnamese Ca Phe sua da

Coffee is so popular with the local that the image of old men drinking coffee with a newspaper in hand has been considered a symbol of Saigon. In fact, people here have many styles of enjoying coffee (you can find out more here: http://bit.ly/2eXf6p1), but it is more delightful and meaningful to have a coffee while sharing news, stories or your perspective with friends. It will make you feel excited and full of energy.

That’s being said, we can skip breakfast, but coffee is a must in the morning.

4. Go sightseeing:
If you’re satisfied with the delicious breakfast and coffee, it’s time for sightseeing as a good exercise. Ho Chi Minh City has many places to visit and each one has their own story. Some of our recommendations are Saigon Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, War Remnant Museum or a local market, etc. Over 300 years has passed by since the very first day, Saigon now makes us proud of a dynamic and multi-cultural city, where we head to a better and sustainable future while still respecting traditional values.

5. Learn local and make friends:
Ho Chi Minh City has been regarded as a “hotpot” since it has been welcoming people from all across Vietnam to come for working or studying. No matter where their hometown is, what they do or which religion they follow, this city treats everyone the same. Saigon is “the land of dream” for plenty of people from all different ethnics and cultures.

Friendly Vietnamese people

Thanks to that, you will have a chance to figure out how friendly people are and how unique their personality is. Experience it yourself by seeing, feeling and doing the same way as the local does, that’s the true meaning of traveling, when your mind is open and you learn to love whole-heartedly.

If you don’t want to count the sheep or watch T.V in your room, let’s take a step out and contact us to arrange the most excited and memorable “Saigon Amazing morning” with your Tiger Guides.  

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