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6 Ways to Make Your Small Business Eco-friendly

Every day we are waking up to headlines saying how human is destroying the world and the fruits of our crime are slowly translated as the form of Global Warming and Climate Change; how much a waste we produce, how much fuels we are burning and how much resources we take from the Mother in her limited storages.

As a small business, and as human we have the responsibility to raise awareness and educate the people in our communities and families about how much of a change, we can make into make the Earth happy again; small changes yet viral one day.

Using greener supplies
One of the first things a company could do that are, realistic, doable and relatively easy is to reorganize the company structure and supplies, which are used on the regular basic such as office supplies: millions of a disposable pen are being thrown away every single day with chemical toxic ink and theirs plastic covers, and a business can make up so much waste than a pen.

As a company with the awareness for environment in mind, eco-friendly replacements of traditional office supplies to a more sustainable one are vital. The changes can be small but affective like replacing traditional pens; reduce the use of unnecessary paper or printing of possible, replied on digital data is better alternatives for keeping memo and easy distribution among the employees without a risk of missing or losing information.

That way we will be able to keep track of how much a waste we produce and leaning towards more natural solutions.

Save the Earth by save the energy

Save earth save smiles

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Not only physical waste, often times the office can extremely easily overuse on electricity; saving the power is also a truly good way to save the environment hence the sense of knowing how much you should and are spending in the employees minds are very important.
Replacing the light bulbs is an easy step anyone and everyone can make. Other alternative’s choices rather than traditional light bulbs are LED, which consume far less energy but produce brighter and superior lights most people prefer. That way, we can save more cost of the utility bill by 70 to 90 per cent that is both beneficial for the company but also the Earth itself.

Another way to be more practical and conscious about the world’s limited amount of energy is to limit the use of burned fuel’s transportation such as cars or motorbikes. In replacement, bicycles or traditional walking is a very good and healthy way to reduce said waste for closed living employees and public transportations of long distant ones.

This is another way to reduce physical carbonate waste on office supplies that most businesses are doing but would be better if we can maximize its potential.

As a young and thriving company in this generation, telecommunicating is so much more attractive and appealing to millennial on multiple levels. Online collaborative tools and stores like Google Drive or Drop Box are the easy fixes for sharing and storing information as well as data without the fear of misplace or missing important documents.

That said, many employees when it comes to meeting and gathering still have the habit of using papers and that need to be changed; the information before being presented can be sent ahead to other departments and people involved easily through telecommunicating. If needed, a simple notebook is always better than aggressive use of printing papers and their distribution.

Let the employees work from home is also an option for utilizing telecommunicating when the company starts to expand and in need of a remote network connection. It reduces the need to expand the office which will lead to further needs of more carbonate resources like supplies or furniture. Moreover, research has shown that working from home produce better qualities and happier employees.

Educate the employees about these changes
The best way to ensure the eco-friendly direction the company is headed to be always on track and sustainable is educating the people who make up the company system.

Many employees do not know or have little knowledge or can have a little concern about the environmental approach the company is ready to commit. To remind them of how serious the problems are; held meetings several times throughout the years to remind and enforce the mindset into the people ways they can help the environment and reduce their carbonated footprints.
If possible, give each employee their individual trash cans and help them understand which type of trash should go in the recyclable one and which is not. By having their own space of responsibility, the employees are entailed to be more personally about the changes they make in the office.

The responsibly won’t stop there just in offices but with more practice and commitment the employees in the company can bring what they are doing to their daily life and field works – More awareness of the used of plastic and other carbonated waste such as when going out of shopping or working. Hopefully, at some point soon– at the end of the year, perhaps – the use of physical carbonate waste will be limited to none in both aspects.

As for the company as a whole, posting and be apparent with the power’s bill or the result’s somewhere other people can see clearly, not only will solidify the seriousness of what the company trying to do but also remind everybody of what they are participated in, as well as being a way of showing each and everyone in the office how the results of their efforts are paying off.

Save the green by donating your book

Save the green by donating your books | Tiger Tours

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There is another helpful action to save some green – book donation. We encourage our colleagues and friends who no longer read or need their old books to donate them to us. We will then classify, pack and delivery those books to poor countryside villages or people, especially children – who eager to read but usually can’t afford a book.

This way, you're not only saving; you can help improve the lives of others, clutter your home and save the environment.

Most importantly, following through
Once you have all the basics in line and everyone on board, the most important way of doing it. It is actually following through and keeping it long term. As time pass, the company can decide to be more invested in other intensive forms of fuels, energy and policies in the future.

Associating the company and its activities to local’s foundation or organization is also a good way to establish the reputation of an eco-friendly company, which in turn will ensure the changes and policies keep moving forwards. Every change are changes, small or not; it will change the world one day too.

Link for download infographic: bit.ly/2Qd0O73

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