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Create a Saigon-river sightseeing trip on a limited budget?

What is Saigon Water Bus?
Saigon Water Bus system is a new type of public transport that has been deployed and put into operation since the end of 2017. Its main purpose is to reduce the chaotic traffic congestion in Ho Chi Minh city as well as to encourage people to use public transport instead of private transport that not only help to save costs, but also reduce the factors affected the environment such as exhaust fumes, emissions from vehicles and so on.
Although it is called "Water Bus", in fact it's the boats covered by two main colors of white and yellow to be similar to actual buses. They're not only tremendously impressive, but also luxurious and modern which are equipped fully with safety equipment. Waterbus capacity is 75 passengers. Everyday it departs from Bach Dang pier at 7:30 am - 18:00 pm and departs from Linh Dong at 6:30 - 16:00. This only river bus system in Vietnam, however, is still quite strange to foreign tourists and even indigenous people.

Dreamy twilight view of Saigon Water bus. Source: Internet.

Tourists can embark on their own journey along the 10.8-kilometer water bus route from Bach Dang wharf in District 1 across 4 stations including District 2, and Binh Thanh, before ending at Linh Dong ferry terminal in Thu Duc District.
You can choose to join in the full trip through all stations from Bach Dang wharf to Linh Dong station. In fact, the actual process of buying tickets and turning back might take more than 4 hours. If you don't have time, you also opt for a short trip through 1-2 stations without necessarily going to the last station of the journey.
In order to facilitate the transportation for passengers traveling by river bus, Ho Chi Minh City has 3 tram lines connecting roads with waterways to locations: Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City Theater, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, some guests. hotel, District 2, ...

General information

  • Departure: Bach Dang Wharf
  • Final station: Linh Dong Waterbus
  • One-way ticket: 15,000 VND (0.7 USD)
  • Round-trip ticket: 30,000 VND (1.4 USD).
  • Full trip: about 3 hours (including waiting time between shifts)
  • The waiting time between trips: 30 minutes.
  • For more information and the exact update route, you can contact via :
  • Phone: 1900 63 68 30
  • Facebook: Saigon Waterbus
  • Website: www.saigonwaterbus.com

Saigon water bus ticker. Source: AskVietnamese

Note: On Saturdays and Sundays, because of more crowding, there are more additional trips a day to serve visitors. So, don't worry about a long wait or not enough boats on the weekends!
You should arrive about 30 minutes earlier to buy tickets to make sure that your journey is in plan.

How to create yourself a Saigon-river sightseeing trip ?
Let's imagine a relaxing trip on a water bus and a great chance to admire the tranquil beauty of Saigon. Following this article to gain some tips to design your own river journey on a limited budget.

Step 1: Arrive to the departure wharf and buy tickets
If you are in the city center, you can walk, catch a tram or a taxi to Bach Dang pier.
Note: If you travel by taxi, please observe carefully a tablet on the dashboard to check the map and the price. And remember to prepare VietnamDong cash.
At Bach Dang wharf, you will be impressed by the luxury ticket offices, maps and ticket prices specifically. This is the largest and the most modern station with fully facilities and great services.

Coffee shop at Bach Dang station - Saigon water bus. Source: Internet. 

In the meantime, you can really sit back and sip a cup of coffee at a lovely cafe shop located nearby the entrance of this wharf. There is no better choice than enjoying some drinks and admiring the peaceful scenery from Saigon river view that you hardly find inside this vibrant city.

Step 2: Depart and explore
After checking in the tickets, stabilizing your seat, the boat will start to depart. During the trip, you will have a unique view of the most typical commercial buildings of the city including the Vinhomes Central Park urban area, the magnificent Landmark 81 tower, the Bitexco Financial Tower, the very colonial Majestic Hotel, Tran Hung Dao statue, the green peaceful District 2 and to name but a few. A lot of stunning moments are waiting for you. Try to discover the soul of this land - Saigon River by water bus, maybe you will realize many miracles, a more accurate view of the land once called Paris of Indochina or the Pearl of the Far East.

Step 3: Discover the interesting stops
At each stop, you will have a little time to get off the boat to capture some photos, drink a coconut or a cup of iced milk coffee.
One of the "Must-go" stops you should visit is Thanh Da peninsula. It is a beautiful place and still quite untouched with many old apartment buildings which is one of the few places still remains the original beauty of Saigon.

Step 4: Go to the last station or (and) return to downtown

The last station is Linh Dong located in Thu Duc district. Honestly speaking, there is nothing there to visit and enjoy. If your time in the city is limited, you can consider getting on the other-way water bus to return to the city centre (district 1).

There are 5 stations on the route of water bus. Source: Saigon water bus.

What is a suitable time for a great journey?
You can start a Saigon-river sightseeing trip whenever you want. If you are afraid to wait, you can enjoy weekdays with fewer tourists, and less waiting time.
The climate in Saigon is quite hot and sunny. You should arrive early in the morning or late afternoon because the weather is relatively pleasant at this time, adding the gentle-river breeze to bring a refreshing feeling. Watching the sunset on the river is an intriguing idea that you can witness the time the sun set and the lights of the city started to sparkle.

Source: Zing.

What should you prepare for the trip on the Saigon River by waterbus ?

  1. Arrive early at least 30 minutes and buy round-trip tickets
  2. Vietnam Dong cash for tickets
  3. Embark on you journey in the early morning or late afternoon
  4. Bring sunscreen, hat, jacket to protect your skin
  5. Bring some water and snack
  6. Read the route carefully as well as detailed information about the journey
  7. Be careful with personal belongings
  8. Ask for a price before buying anything
  9. Try to get a seat at the back of the boat. This is the best seat for admiring the whole downtown of Saigon.

You may not know, Vietnam is the country with the lowest proportion of people participating in public transportation in Southeast Asia, which also makes the traffic worse. Saigon Water bus is considered as a new solution to ease the problem and reduce the level of pollution in Ho Chi Minh city.
With reasonable prices, safe modern equipment, and detailed plans to open more stops in the next few years, in the future it will become one of most prevalent means of public transportation here.
This is not only a new form of public transport for indigenous people, but also a new experience model for foreign visitors with affordable costs.

If you have any further question, please comment below. Tigers are happy to help you out!


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