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How to bargain in Viet Nam

Last week we’d checked out some reasons why tourists are overcharged in Viet Nam, and this time we will give you some helpful tips to win the bargaining when you go shopping

1. Lower the price
Do it gradually! You can ask: “How much is it?” for the reserve price and start from there. With the tourist areas, you should try to lower the price by 70% or 50% first, since tourists are normally the primal target. If the venders don’t agree, try adding up 10% each time. And by the third try, just walk away.
Now, you may be confused, why walking away? I want to buy that!
Because it’s also a tip.

Vietnamese local market

2. Walking away
Walking away is one of the most powerful tools a shopper has when bargaining and the vender's reaction will speak for itself.
If you have offered a reasonable price, from your point of view, and still being rejected, maybe that price is not reasonable enough for the vender. But if you have offered a price and then walk away but the vender try to call you back and agree, you have hit a jackpot. If you realize you were pushing too hard, don't feel too shy to come back either, there is no shame in paying the correct price!

3. Try not to be the first customer
Traditionally, the opening costumer is always important to Vietnamese venders; they believe that you will be the one who carries that whole day’s luck, so if you bargain too much, the venders will not be pleased. Sometimes they will show attitude or most of the time they will outright reject your first offer. Hence, try to avoid shopping in the early morning since you may bring bad luck for the sellers. Let’s save that difficult part for the local who have more experience than you.

4. Go with a local

Local Tour Guides

Nowadays, it’s not hard for tourists to find a good and knowledgeable tour guide. Most of them are very friendly and take pride in what they do. Also, they are very thankful that you have chosen Vietnam to be your destination and will do everything to make your time staying here the best time. That can be said with the shopping.

They are local so they have more experience when it comes to shop in their hometown. They will know what to expect, what price you should pay and what local brand is the best. Moreover, having a local guide with you can protect you from the venders who try to rip you off and having a friend while shopping is also good if you want to ask for their opinion about something

Hopefully, with some useful information above, you will acknowledge that bargaining is a small part of the business system in Viet Nam. Moreover, bargaining is an art that when mastering the skill, you will find pleasure every time you go shopping and win the price battle. If you want to give it a try but don’t know where to start, call us to design a private tour for you only and enjoy a great time with the Tigers.

By Yen Ha

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