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Mid-autumn in Vietnam - Lanterns stories

 In the previous article, we have learnt about Ben Thanh market, which is one of the physical symbols of downtown Saigon. Today, the Tigers will introduce an event coming this week in Vietnam - Mid Autumn Festival. Let’s go!

Mid-autumn in Vietnam - Lanterns story

This year, Mid-autumn day will fall into September 13. Lantern is the symbol of this event so today, we look closer at the stories behind them. 

For a long time, paper masks and star-shaped lanterns have been indispensable items for children in the previous Mid-Autumn Festival. Today, although many modern toys appear, these toys still have a special meaning for children.

To make a Mid-Autumn lanterns entirely by hand, the worker has to do many detailed and complex stages, from splitting bamboo, picking bamboo, cutting frames, making lamp bones, rolling handles to printing patterns and colors on. cellophane ... just made a complete lantern.

Bamboo to make lanterns must be old bamboo soaked in salt water for days to prevent termites, then dried, broaching, depending on the size of each type of lamp. Wallpaper lantern has many colors, when stretched paste workers need to be skillful to paper perpendicular and not torn.

When I was small, my mother made star lanterns every Mid-Autumn. I remember the hardest part was to bend the bamboo stick to make to circle around the star. Then, she always have me to continue with the easier parts which are softening the lantern paper and stretching and sticking them carefully on the bamboo frame.

Choosing Mid-Autumn Festival to create a beautiful memory with children is a great thing. Children are always curious, love to explore. So the children will be very excited to make lanterns with their parents. Thanks to this, the children hope in something, like waiting for the lantern to be completed. Simply because in the minds of children, they believe that this lantern is unique and only for themselves.

These toys may not have electronic chips that glow or play a piece of music like today's modern toys, but they have a special meaning for children.

I am always thankful for my mother because she had used her time for me when I was small as the best way to nurture my soul when I grow up.

Beside star-shaped, lanterns can be a fish, a ship, a butterfly, a lotus flower or a rooster…

At school, lanterns contests are organized to encourage students to be creative and respectful the traditions.

In addition, mid-festival is an opportunity for Vietnamese to show love to everyone. Youth Union (the organization of young people from all universities in Vietnam) creates campaign “Green Summer” to make lanterns for children in poor areas. These are a good chance for young Vietnamese to create positive impact to the society.


Not only a colorful toy for children, lanterns have more meanings - of love, sharing, and family cohesive. If you want to see on the real eyes our Mid-autumn festival, hop-on a motorbike to explore this Mid-autumn in the small local alleys of Saigon.


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