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Tiger Year-end Party 2019

On December 27, 2019, our Tiger team had organized the year-end party with all the guides and staff in the company to celebrate 8 years of establishment and welcome the 2020.


As a tradition of Tiger tours, we organize the year-end party annually to summarize what we have achieved and what we should try our best in the following year. Moreover, this is also a chance for our staff to express their feelings and share their experience about the job.

2019 is a challenging year with so many changes from tourism trend, guests demand, and competitors moves. Maintaining the existing tours and research new spots are the highlight in the last year. This requires the whole team to be focused, creative, and professional anytime. Tiger tours highly evaluate the team work and good attitudes from the operation department to the guiding team. We believe the effort of all people in the team should be recognized, encouraged, and awarded because the guides are the ones who take care of our values guests.

Employee of the months in 2019.

Employee of the year 2019.


At the party, we are so happy to reunite with some old guides who have been working for Tiger Tours since 2011 - the 1st year of the company. This helps to create the link between different Tiger generations and encourage the eager to learn of the new guides.

The longtime guides of the Tiger team.

We had a wonderful night with delicious food, chilling time with our co-workers, and karaoke songs. 


Recap Tiger Year-End Party 2019

Last but not least, via the event, we want to say “Thank you” to all of our guests who had chosen Tiger tours through many years. We hope Tiger tours will always be your reliable friend of your trip to Vietnam.

Happy New Year - 2020.

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