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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Binh Chau

Binh Chau is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, about 140km to the North-East of Ho Chi Minh City. While Ba Ria – Vung Tau is popular as a place for beach-lovers, Binh Chau is more well-known for being a perfect combination of natural resources and tons of unique local specialties.

1. Beautiful sceneries
Many of our guests have asked us how they could plan a trip to both the beach and the jungle during their short time in Vietnam; our best option for them is Binh Chau. If you’re having the same question, Binh Chau won’t let you down with so many places to travel and spend time there, such as stunning farms where the local plants dragon fruit, mango and pepper; Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve (one of rare virgin rainforest remained in Vietnam), Ho Coc beach and Binh Chau Hot Springs.

Ho Coc beach view Ho Tram beach

2. Amazing local people
Binh Chau is also called “The blessed land” as besides its natural resources, the happy and hospitable people here is also a highlight that will make you come back here for the second time or more.
The local in Binh Chau is not rich in money for sure, but they’re rich in kindness and generosity. No matter who you are, where you come from or what kind of job you do, you will be treated equally and sincerely here. If hospitality is one of special personalities of the Vietnamese, Binh Chau is the best place to experience it yourself. Spending one day here and you will have the feeling of being welcomed home with your relatives. These “uncle” and “aunt” are not only willing to cook you delicious meals but also let you stay at their house, sing karaoke together, share with you everything you wonder and smiling faces appear all the time even though they can’t understand a word you speak.

Vietnams dragon fruit farmer  vietnamese dragon fruits

3. Unique experiences
Since you stay with the local, you will definitely have chance to experience some extremely new and excited activities. Walking through the farms, hearing some useful information and stories from local farmers, picking up sweet fruits and enjoy right there. Afterward, you can enjoy the fresh air while cycling around green villages. All of that is a must-do in the morning.

vietnamese green farm in Ho Coc Ho Tram beach resort

Visiting the local market is a highly recommended activity in the afternoon. There you will see people sell plenty kinds of seafood and vegetable. The seafood here is always fresh because it is caught in the sea and brought directly to the market. Moreover, you can challenge yourself by doing a bargain and the reward for winning the price battle is having good ingredients to join the cooking class with the local.
Then, here comes the authentic cuisine that will make you fall in love with Binh Chau right after the very first taste.

4. Delicious authentic cuisine
Thanks to the specific nature, Binh Chau not only has a various types of ingredients but also always get the finest ones for cooking. Since people here are very hospitable, you will be invited to a feast of many dishes from local farms and seafood market nearby. Unlike any kind of food you have eaten in the urban restaurants or big hotels where you stay in the city, all the food you will try here are especially made from talented local chefs who are our mom and aunts.
Mom’s food is always the best, do you agree with us?

5. Undiscovered non-touristy area
Binh Chau is still a lesser-known part of Viet Nam. The pristine charm of this area may become one of the most special things that makes your trip to Binh Chau an unforgettable one.

Binh Chau picking fresh fruit  Binh Chau local fishing village

Comparing to its brother Vung Tau, Binh Chau is like a sleeping beauty waiting for her prince. You may get a bit unfamiliar when realize that around you are all Vietnamese, however; after a while you will get used to it and start to enjoy your time here. Therefore, if your wish is to travel somewhere not so popular but yet very beautiful, note Binh Chau down at the first place in your list.

There are so many more fantastic things about Binh Chau that we can’t tell you in this short article, and surely you also can’t image how amazing it is unless you experience yourself. 

By Tiger Team

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