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[Vietnam news] Ha Giang, Vietnam - What to do in November 2019

Ha Giang is the furthest province to the North of Vietnam. These days, there are more and more travellers planing to explore the untouched beauty of this place. In this article, Tiger team will introduce you an event in Ha Giang that you don't want to miss in this November.  

One of the special thing about Ha Giang is the Buckwheat flower which will bloom in October to December. 
On 15th and 16th of November, at Dong Van Town Stadium (Ha Giang), the People's Committee of Ha Giang province will hold the 5th Buckwheat Flower Festival with the theme "Pink highland rocks". 

Buckwheat cake in Ha Giang. Source: Internet.

The official festival program will take place at 8pm on November 16 at Dong Van Town Stadium. The program is a combination of soft music and music repertoire with experience of tourism products in Ha Giang. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to exchange and experience making Ha Giang Buckwheat flower cakes and making mochi - using Buckwheat ingredients with Japanese artisans.


The Buckwheat flower festival in 2018. Source: Internet.

This festival will be an additional activity that makes your tour unforgetable because of the culture of ethnic peoples and the colorful performances. 

I believe motorbike is the best transportation to explore Ha Giang. Source: Internet. 

When riding my own bike from hills to hills, mountains to mountains, I had an extremely satisfied experience here. Maybe because I love travelling, or because of the oustanding scenery here. If you are planning to Ha Giang and looking for more information, please comment below so we can connect to each other. 


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