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We thought Vietnam do not celebrate Halloween?! (FAQ 4)

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It comes very close to the 31st of October, 2019 which is a special day for Halloween in the Western countries. If you travel to Vietnam during this time, you may feel quite confused when there are a lot of local stores selling Halloween costumes or decorations. Some of my guests ask me: “I thought Vietnamese don’t celebrate Halloween?!”

Yes, we do. However, the activities here are a bit different while the event does not contain any meaning rather than a relaxing day with friends special costumes.

Since the early 20th century, Vietnam started to integrate with the world faster. We welcomed many foreign companies and organizations to come in and receive the investment, learn a variety of new things from the world. This is the reason why a lot of people, who have been here before, are surprised by the developing rate.

Beside the mash growing up of the economy, culture change a lot. We learn more about the culture of different countries and apply some interesting ones. Since English is a worldwide language, when practising it, Vietnamese explore the aspects of English-speaking countries as well.

Bui Vien walking street on Halloween. Source: Tuoitre.

Halloween is an interesting event to Vietnamese people. Although we don’t play trick-and-treat by walking through the neighborhood, the “weird” costumes are highly preferred. On the area like Bui Vien - the backpacker street in district 1, Saigon. There will be a huge Halloween party of a sleepless night with music and beer.

In Vietnam culture, we have a period called “The Ghost Month” when we believe the soul can be anywhere freely. We don’t “celebrate” it but rather have some taboos to avoid or delay carrying out important events (Ex: wedding, opening store, buy a new house...). You can read more here.

Tiger tours offer “Ghost tour” to show the guests haunted places in the crowded city - Saigon. So if you want to experience your Halloween a bit different, join us on the Saigon Ghost tour.


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