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What do Tigers have for lunch? - Basic Vietnamese meal

Vietnamese are well-known for eating a lot of rice. Yes, it’s so true. But we have never felt bored with it. In this article, I will introduce to you a basic Vietnamese family meal.

The fact is that we eat so much rice that we do not consider it as a dish on the table. Basically, rice is the base of energy and we do customize the savoury dishes combined. If you have a chance to join a meal with the locals here, they are friendly so you will become one member. Everyone has one bowl of rice and we share the main savoury foods which is placed in the middle of the table. Your job now is to learn how to use chopsticks. Chopsticks is especially helpful in the sharing-food culture like Vietnam when you can reach the savoury at the other side of the table without standing up or waiting for others to help you. And you may ask: “How can I eat rice with chopsticks?”. Yes, we can. This is such an interesting part so I will write another article about it.

Pork and shrimp after marinated and poached.

For the savoury, some cookbooks classify into: fried, steamed, poached… They are the method to cook the food. The main idea is that you need some salted food to eat along with the plant rice so the options are diverse depending on one’s preference.

Vietnamese pumpkin soup
Besides, veggie soup is an essential part of the Vietnamese meal. For some families who cannot afford much food in one meal, you will always find at least the veggie. It can be soup version or steamed version but both are good. They often eat soup along with rice or dip steamed veggie in fish sauce.

Mix vetgetable soup

Morning glory stir-fried with garlic and soya sauce

That is enough for a basic meal in Vietnamese locals. And one funny fact is that, we do not differentiate breakfast, lunch, and dinner so the meal can be applied for all. In some special events, when we have a party with friends and family, the table will be full of food like this

Come to Vietnam to try these delicious food and learn how to cook them in the most local feeling. Let’s go!

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