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What to do on Valentine's day in Vietnam?

Valentine has always known to be the day for people who are in love. Of course being in love is a true happiness but no one can say that being single has no fun. So if you solo-travel to Vietnam on this special occasion, plan yourself a tour, prepare your belongings, and depart!

Tiger tours are happy to be your companion to explore Vietnam. Check out our suggestions for you on February 14th this year:

1. Activities with the locals, meet new people, learn new things, and find your new interests.

The privilege of the single-club is that you have your freedom to go anywhere, with anyone, to experience anything you like. Why don’t we take this chance to meet new people and get to know more about Vietnam?

Saigon central Post office. Source: Internet. 

If you are staying in HCMC, walking around the city center would be a good idea. It is convenient for visitors that almost all of the popular landmarks are right in the centre: central post office, notre-dame cathedral, city hall, turtle lake, Reunification Palace, … The weather is another supporting point for your trip. During this time, the sky is clear with blue and a bit white clouds because it is the dry season.

Learn more about the Vietnamese martyrs. Source: Tiger tours. 

Try some local snacks. Source: Tiger Tours


After visiting all the typical places above, it’s time for you to spend your day like a local. Tiger tours will take you to visit Tomb of Le Van Duyet - a local southern hero from the 19th century, local coffee shop and ChinaTown to see the life of around 700,000 Chinese people there. By riding a motorbike, the guides will show you more sides of the city by going out of the center.

2. Explore the area outside Ho Chi Minh City

We understand that being a solo-traveller is a super-cool-job so let’s make it even cooler by travelling further outside of HCMC.

The most popular trip is to visit Củ Chi tunnel - a historical spot to learn about the Vietnam war and people’s life at that time. You will be surprised by the fact that Vietnamese had created 250 kilometers of the tunnel underneath the area. If you also love to learn about the religions, Vietnam is a book full of interesting lessons for you.

Cao Dai religion and Black virgin lady mountain are included in the tour. There are many options for the tours so please check out to find the one that is suitable for you. 



Tiger tours are also happy to introduce you to another place to chill out which is not too popular, and touristy - a sunny beach area. It is located in Southeast Vietnam which takes around 2,5 hours to 3 hours by car. A lot of activities to try like: making rice paper, going to the local market and preparing lunch, visiting and learning how to take care of dragon fruit and to make its’ wine or jam.

After meeting a lot of people, it’s time for you to “see the nature” by walking through the forest and sunbathing. Check out the options here.

3. Enjoy all the most tasty food in the city.
When you are single, you don’t have to share your food with anyone. I’m just kidding. But we understand that when you do solo, finding good food with good price in a reasonable portion is kind of hard because you want to try a variety of them, not just one. Vietnam has a long history of thousands of years, many foods are so appealing that they can make people feel hungry right away.


Let us handle this for you, all you need to do is prepare an empty stomach and hop on the motorbike. http://mytigertour.com/southern-vietnam-tour-saigon-female-led-motorbike-tours

4. Spend time with yourself at the museum.
My single friends often say that: “I am a piece of art by myself, need no one” so why don’t we spend time to see the other Vietnamese art in the museum?. The Ho Chi Minh city Fine Art museum is the house of many unique art.

According to Wikipedia, the museum covers three three-floor buildings which house a collection featuring Vietnamese art works in sculpture, oil, silk painting and lacquer painting, as well as traditional styles including woodcut paintings in the Hàng Trống, Đông Hồ, and Kim Hoàng styles, as well as Vietnamese ceramics and a collection of ancient Buddhist art. The first floor also includes a commercial gallery of art works. Archaeological exhibits such as some of the country's best Champa and Óc Eo relics are displayed on the third floor.

Check out information about the Ghost tour to know the story behind this building. 

Another museum worth visiting is Ho Chi Minh city museum. Compared to the thousands years of history of Vietnam, 300 year-old HCMC is still pretty young. This museum demonstrates the establishment and development of the city throughout the years and introduces different cultural facts of the south of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh city museum. Source: Internet. 

It is interesting to find out that this building was first built by the French so its architecture really stands out of the surrounding.


So… What do you think about the above list? Plan ahead your day and just hit the road.


If you have something on your mind, but don’t know where to start, we can arrange a customized experience for you.

Happy Valentine's day!

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