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Which is the biggest city in Vietnam? (FAQ in Vietnam 3)

When you come to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi are the two most popular cities. Beside the two, Vietnam is divided into 63 areas in total so you may ask: “What is the biggest one?”. We believe there are different answers for this question depends on what categories we consider.

Ha Noi - The capital of Vietnam
If we look at the area of the cities, Ha Noi is the biggest one with 3,344 km2. Next to it is HCMC and Hai Phong city.
Ha Noi is an ancient city compared to HCMC but it contains the head of our government. You will find government building, ambassadors of other countries there. The streets are too narrow while the amount of vehicles here are too condensed, which makes it become one of the city that has the highest population condensity in Vietnam (2,398 people/km2).

In front of the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Ba Dinh square is a place often been chosen for special events of the countries (Independence Day, National day…)

Ho Chi Minh city - The head of Vietnam economy
With around 10 million people, HCMC is the most crowded city in Vietnam. The citizens in this city come from everywhere in the country, which makes the culture here so diverse.
HCMC is located in a plain area that is very convenient for transportation: near the Mekong delta, which is a main fruits and rice producing area of Vietnam. HCMC attracts a lot of foreign investment (37.9% FDI of Vietnam) and become a developed city with skyscrapers full of offices.

The tallest building in Vietnam - Landmark 81. Source: Internet. 

This opens up opportunities for young Vietnamese with well-paid jobs and gain more knowledge from experts from all over the world. With the fast growing population, education and health care services are developed as well.

I hope you have your answer here and learn more about the development and economic aspects of Vietnam through is article. If you have any further questions about our country, please leave on the comment below!

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