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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find our site easy to use, however just in case, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. Please select your question from the list below. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to contact us

Can I join your food tour if I have allergies or I am a vegetarian?

Yes, no problem. All of our tours are customized, so just simply tell us ahead of time about your allergies or what kind of food you want to try, and we will arrange the most suitable tour for you.

Are these tours suitable for any age?
Are your tours wheelchair accessible?
How much do I have to deposit for my tour?
Do you offer tours outside Ho Chi Minh City?
Do your tours go to the same places every time?
Are the tours to other provinces on motorbike?
Do you offer other services beside tours?
Do you offer tours in other languages?
What is the tipping or gratuities policy?